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Your contact : Emmanuel Boidron

E-mail : vignoblesjnboidron@wanadoo.fr
Site Web : www.boidron.info

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Jean-Noël Boidron received his passion for wines from his parents and grand-parents, vine-growers in Calon since 1855. He gained the scientific knowledge indispensable to the working-out of delicious wines, but also to the instruction of the oenology that he practiced at the University of Bordeaux.

Today, he uses his passion to manage four prestigious "grands crus".
- Château Corbin Michotte :
situated in a gravelly area of Saint-Emilion, on the border of the Pomerol vineyard. The Château sits on 7 hectares of soil composed of gravel and sand.
The grape varieties are 65% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon. This gives a production of 28 000 bottles.

- Château Calon :
situated around the highest point of Saint-Emilion area : the Calon hill. The Château spreads over 38 hectares of clay and lime stone and produces 200 000 bottles a year. However, only a part of the harvest is sold each year, the rest being spread out over the time.

Concerning the vine, the ploughing of the vines is used as well as the strict pruning that cuts down the yield and eliminates bunches of grapes that are faulty or late to ripen. The harvest is conducted exclusively by hand, by 70 grape-pickers during 2 weeks.

Concerning the cellar, the alcoholic fermentation occurs in cask (with a control and the regularization of temperatures), only under the influence of the yeasts coming from the grapes. The maturing of the wine occurs in new oak barrels during 12 to 18 months.
The barrel proportion and the maturing life are established during the tasting in order to ensure that the aromas of the wine are never overpowered by those of the wood. The wines that result from this are characterised by their harmony. They are perfectly well balanced, with an intense colour, rich in flavours of fruits and spices, with a big volume in mouth and a good length. The tannins are very present but of an elegance and delicacy that mark the finest red wines.

Jean-Noël Boidron also manages the Château Cantelauze (Pomerol) and Mayne d'Olivet (Bordeaux).

1 Petit Corbin
Tel : 05 57 51 64 88
Fax : 05 57 51 56 30

Red wines: Château Corbin Michotte St-Emilion Grand Cru Classe Château Calon Montagne Saint-Emilion Château Calon Saint-Georges Saint-Emilion Château Cantelauze Pomerol
White wine: Mayne d’Olivet Bordeaux Blanc
Rosé wine: Manse d’Elode Bordeaux Rosé

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